Methods of Aromatherapy

Massage is an extremely beneficial method of applying Aromatherapy because it combines therapeutic touch with the powerful effects of essential oils. As a general rule of thumb we recommend 10- 15 drops of essential oils to 1 tblsp- 3oz. of base oil. This varies on the type of essence you are using. Small children and pregnant woman will need a weaker solution. Massage can be self administered or applied by a partner. We carry a number of massage books, in particular, a very popular title is Lucille Liddell's, "Complete guide to Massage".

Baths are by far the easiest way of using essential oils in the home. The heat and steam effectively empower and disperse the oils. The oils are absorbed through the skin and through inhalation. The rule of thumb for baths is 8- 12 drops of essential oil per bath. A few bath tips: Add oils to a full bath because they begin to evaporate after entering the water; use water temperature to enhance your experience as well (for a refreshing bath, cool water goes well with Rosemary); also try dry brushing your skin with a natural fiber brush prior to bathing to open up clogged pores.

Foot Bath
At the end of a hard day there are few things as invigorating and relaxing as a warm foot bath. The bottom of your feet are extremely porous which makes a foot bath soothing as well as a great treatment for blisters or tired feet. Simply add 4- 6 drops to a large bowl of warm water, soak and relax for 10 - 15 minutes!

Inhalation/ Steam Facial
Inhalation is the quickest way to get essential oils to enter the body and get an immediate effect. The easiest way to use inhalation is to literally open the bottle and smell it, but you can also apply a few drops to a tissue or handkerchief to keep with you during the day. For inhalation in a bowl add 3- 5 drops to a large bowl of hot water. Close your eyes and cover your head with a towel large enough to not to let the vapors escape. Relax with your head twelve inches above the bowl (face down), breathe deeply for 10 minutes.

Compresses are extremely useful for putting the oil where it is needed the most- the point of injury. For small areas 2 drops of oil and 1/4 cup of water is sufficient, for large areas 8 drops of oils and 2 cups of water should do it. To make a compress add oil and water to an appropriate size bowl, soak a cotton cloth in bowl, wring excess water out and wrap wound. Repeat process every 15 minutes for at least one hour.

Basically a diffuser does just that, it diffuses essential oils into the air of a room. Diffusers are available in an enormous variety of shapes, sizes and textures. You need one that has a heat source under an oil reservoir, and it should be fairly easy to clean. Aside from that it is all about esthetics.

Fragrance Oils
Fragrance has a direct link to our brains and memories, so be careful what you wear! Most vegetable base perfume oils need only be 10% essential oil to get the desired effect. There are a number of companies that have essential oil/ vegetable oil personal fragrances.

However you choose to use the knowledge in these pages, please remember that this is just a taste of information. Also these are general methods of use for oils and Aromatherapy. Everyone's skin is different, so please use caution and if you intend to use oils in Aromatherapy we highly recommend gathering more knowledge on the field or consulting a professional. 

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