The Cats

Anybody who has visit our store over the years know that we love our cats, including our feral colony. Some cats simply live outside lives! Many customers love the cats as well & have donated food or money toward the well-being of our colony. We thank you!

Did you know that Cape May was the pilot program for the nationally used Trap, Neuter & Release program? Before the TNR started, over 700 cats roamed our small town. Several years later, we're down to little over 100.  The program works!

Featured below are some of our favorite ferals (also known as the Store Cats) from over the years as well as Office Cats Louie, Poster & Ella.









We are very involved with Animal Outreach of Cape May County.  A few years ago, a devastating fire destroyed the Animal Outreach shelter, and all animal lives were lost. After years of donations, volunteering & community outreach, we're almost ready to go with our new building! You can visit Animal Outreach of Cape May County to learn more about our favorite cause.

Check with your local government to see if there is a Trap, Neuter & Release program in your area. Another great resource is the national non profit group Alley Cat Allies

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