Copal Prabhuji Smudging Incense Sticks

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Copal Prabhuji Smudging Incense Sticks

Handmade from pure high quality Copal. This aromatic resin, possesses a highly spiritual characteristics, and is used primarily for protection, purification, and elevation. These sticks are made of a blend of 100% natural ingredients. no chemical or isolated oils. 10 sticks, 4.5" each, wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in 100% unbleached recycled cardboard boxes.

Ingredients: Copal, Bamboo, Coconut, Natural Cereal Mucilage, Fruit Juice

  • Aromatic 100% natural incense.
  • Energetically purifying.
  • Certified Vegan.
  • Gold-level Green America business certification
  • These incense sticks are handmade in the rural Colombian Andes, providing employment to marginalized artisans.

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